Wednesday, September 6, 2017, 12:00 p.m.
presented by Dr. Al Zeitoun

In this presentation, Dr. Zeitoun will draw on his global experiences in driving organizational change and program execution excellence to highlight the importance of creating clarity. He will stress the importance of integration, collaboration, and simplification in orchestrating the aligned cascading of messages across the enterprise and across project leadership and teams.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Zeitoun has more than 30 years of global experience in strategy execution and portfolio, program, and project management. His experiences encompass leading organizations; developing their Enterprise Program Management Offices (EPMOs); guiding systematic methodology implementations; and successfully executing complex mega infrastructure, IT, and manufacturing strategies. Furthermore, he directed leadership education, research activities, and curricula of institutions worldwide.

In his most recent role, as President of PM Solutions, Dr. Zeitoun transformed the strategic focus of this consulting and capability development firm toward global strategy execution offerings. Prior to that, he was the Corporate PMO Executive Director for Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, UAE. He designed and executed the strategic planning framework and delivered executive coaching and governance in order to carry out the $20B complex energy roadmap.

At Booz Allen Hamilton, Dr. Zeitoun strategically envisioned and customized Booz Allen Hamilton’s EPMO advisory and mapped playbooks and capability development to clients’ Billions of Dollars strategic initiatives. Furthermore, he led the firm’s Middle East North Africa Portfolio Management Solutions as part of the leadership team that restarted the firm’s global footprint. He also served as Booz Allen Hamilton’s representative on PMI’s Global Executive Council for 4 years.

With the International Institute of Learning, Inc. (IIL), Dr. Zeitoun was a Senior Executive and held the position of Chief Projects Officer. He was instrumental in driving global expansion, thought leadership, and project management methodology execution across global organizations. This resulted in increasing IIL’s business size by 12 fold, with entities expanding from one headquarter to over 18 offices globally.


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