Questions about Fairview Park Luncheon presentations and events:

All events hosted at FVP are free of charge to PMI and PMIWDC members. Contact us if you have questions specifically regarding the FVP presentations and events:¬†Noblis’ PM Cluster Group


If you’d like to join PMIWDC or have questions about the PMI Charter:

Visit pmiwdc.org


If you’re looking for information about The Project Management Institute (PMI) or PMP Certification:

Visit pmi.org


If you are having problems playing the videos:

It has been reported that the .mp4 video files are not playing in the Internet Explorer browser on a Noblis laptop. What seems to be happening is that instead of streaming a .mp4 file, the browser is trying to download the file. Since the video files are big files, they will take forever and a day to download. Either change your browser settings to allow streaming of .mp4 files, or use another browser such as Chrome or Firefox.


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