Wednesday, April 12, 2017, 12:00 p.m.
presented by Rick DiMassimo, Jennie Doran, & Angeliki Galoozis

Social Media isn’t just a way for family and friends to communicate and share personal updates with each other. Social Media has become an integral part of how news agencies, government agencies, and businesses communicate important and vital information to their key audiences. Social media is now an important part of communication teams at many companies. Having a smart strategy for implementing social media into your team’s communication plans is often key to succeeding in your mission objectives.

About the Speakers:

In this presentation, members of the Noblis Marketing and Communications team — Jennie Doran, Angeliki Galoozis, and Rick DiMassimo — will explain how social media platforms have evolved and grown, how to build an effective social media plan for your organization, and examine some of the medium’s best practices for continued success. Jennie is Manager of Noblis’ Marketing and Communications team. She is a world-class designer and has created and overseen numerous successful internal and external marketing campaigns. Angeliki is a recent addition to the team. She has extensive knowledge in writing, public relations, social media strategy, and measuring campaign impacts. Rick was an early adopter of social media strategy, tools, and practices at Noblis. He pioneered much of Noblis’ social media programs, and remains active in identifying trends and tools.


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